Your participation helps determine what goes on the air.

What’s in it for you?

Some of the best reasons for participating in our radio ratings and research:

You make your voice heard.

You are one of the very few selected in your area to tell radio stations what you listen to or why you choose not to listen. This information is also important to media companies, advertisers, and other businesses. This is your chance to help them better serve you!

No matter how much you listen to radio—a little, a lot, or not at all—you’re an important part of the radio ratings and research.

It’s your opportunity to let local radio stations know what you listen to.

Your participation in the ratings and research helps determine what goes on the air. Stations depend on the radio ratings to help them make programming decisions. You are an important part of this process.

It’s quick and easy!

We know you are busy. That is why we have made the diary easy to complete!

For one week, just tell us what stations you hear, where you are (car, home, work, etc.), and when you start and stop listening. You will also find a space to include your comments on programs, radio hosts, etc. It’s that easy! The box will have everything you need and it will only take a few minutes each day.